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Reporting for State and Local Government Employers

Examples of state and local government employers include but are not limited to: state agencies, county government, municipal (city, village, town) government, and special districts.

Employers under IL OSHA jurisdiction must report all work-related fatalities within 8 hours, and all work-related inpatient hospitalizations, all amputations, and all losses of an eye within 24 hours.


Employers must report by calling IL OSHA's 24/7 number at 217-782-7860.


The reporter for the employer must give the following information for each incident:

A.    The establishment name;

B.    The location of the incident;

C.    The time of the incident;

D.   The number of fatalities or hospitalized employees;

E.    The names of any injured employees;

F.    The employer's contact person and his or her phone number; and

G.   A brief description of the incident.