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Advisory Boards

Amusement Ride & Attraction Safety Board

The Amusement Ride & Attraction Safety Board consists of nine members, one of whom is the Director of Labor. The remaining eight members are appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Of the eight appointed members of the Board, two must be an operator of amusement rides, one must be a registered professional engineer, one must represent the insurance industry, and one must represent the general public. The Carnival-Amusement Safety Board is mandated to meet at least twice a year with meetings generally held in January and June. The Board advises the Department on rules for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of amusement rides, amusement attractions, trains, alpine slides, toboggan slides, ski lifts, rope tows and bungee jumping as required by the Act.

Labor Advisory Board

The Labor Advisory Board​ provides a forum for interested parties to discuss issues affecting Illinois workers, including labor laws administered and enforced by the Department. The Board provides advice to the Director of Labor regarding labor policy and enforcement of laws, reviews statutes enforced by the Department and provides recommendations regarding the Department's administrative regulations. The Board is mandated to meet quarterly, with meetings scheduled in March, June, September and December each year.​​