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Possible online services disruption due to Internet related outage

A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

What Is FOIA?

FOIA is the State Freedom of Information Act ("the Act") (5 ILCS 140/1 et seq.), under which certain public records in possession of public agencies may be accessed by the public upon written request. Pursuant to section 2(c) of the Act (5 ILCS 140/2(c)), a public record is any record, report, form, writing, letter, memoranda, book, paper, map, photograph, card, tape, recording, electronic data processing record, recorded information, and all other documentary material, regardless of physical form or characteristics, having been prepared, or having been or being used, received, possessed or under the control of any public body.

Some records are, however, not subject to release via the FOIA process; these types of records are described under section 7 of the Act (5 ILCS 140/7). Some records may also be subject to confidentiality provisions imposed by other state or federal statutes or court orders. The FOIA process for disclosure of information does not supersede these other applicable statutory and judicial mandates.

How to Submit a FOIA Request

You may submit a written request to the Department's FOIA Officer by means of facsimile, the US mail, special carrier, or e-mail. A written request will ensure proper compliance with the requirements of the FOIA.

Requests can be sent by mail to:

Attn: Stephanie Barton
Freedom of Information Officer
Illinois Department of Labor
524 S. 2nd St. Ste 400
Springfield, IL 62701

Or by email to:


This website information concerning the FOIA is being provided as required by Section 4 of the Act (5 ILCS 140/4). This website information may be revised and/or updated in the future.​