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Freelance Worker Protection Act

The Freelance Worker Protection Act provides protections for independent contractors who provide products or services in Illinois or who work for a hiring entity located in Illinois when the value of that work is equal to or greater than $500 in a 120-day period.

See model contracts below.

Under the law, freelance workers are entitled to all of the following: 

  • A written contract (see templates below) that includes:  
    • Name and contact information of both the hiring entity and freelance worker 
    • Itemization of products and services 
    • Rate and method compensation 
    • Date of compensation due 
    • Dates of services to be provided 
  • Full payment for the services by the due date in the contract, or if the due date is not specified, within 30 days of completing the services outlined in the contract 
  • Protection from retaliation and/or other negative action for exercising rights under the FWPA 

The law only applies to contracts taking effect after July 1, 2024.






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