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ECA Reporting Requirement Submission

Any contractor who had construction services performed for it in 2022 by an individual, sole proprietorship or partnership that is not an employee of the contractor must file a report by April 30, 2023 with the Department of Labor. A report must be filed for each individual, sole proprietorship or partnership.  The report must include the following information:

  1. contractors name, address, business identification number;
  2. the name, address and business identification number of each entity or person providing services, along with total amount paid for services and materials and equipment during the taxable year.

A contractor, who fails to submit a report to the Department or submits a false report, violates the Act and is subject to civil penalties and debarment.

You MUST use and attach the following IDOL provided file​ to the submission form below:​​​​​

Form Instructions

  1. Please do not attach any tax documents or forms other than the IDOL provided ECA Reporting Form.
  2. Complete all fields in the ECA Reporting Form to comply with the act.
  3. Please rename the attached file to match the field "Contractor Name."
  4. Should this form not work as expected, please contact us at​​​​ 

 ECA Submission Forms

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