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Certified Transcript of Payroll

Pursuant to PA 100-1177 and 820 ILCS 130/5.1, the Illinois Department of Labor is charged with developing and maintaining an online portal for prevailing wage construction contractors to file their certified payrolls with the department.

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View the Certified Transcript of Payroll Portal Instructions Powerpoint Presentation.

Accessing the Certified Transcript of Payroll Portal

Creating an Illinois Public ID Account - You will need to create an Illinois Public ID Account.

  • We recommend using a shared business email address like and strong business related username. The email can be any available address, but a generic or business centric email and username can be beneficial long-term.
  1. To create an Illinois Public ID Account click here (will open a new tab)Do not close out of this page, after your account is created you will need to return here to log in to the online portal.
  2. Click "Create a new Account" and complete the registration form.
  3. Please note if you did not receive an email, follow the help instructions located here
  4. Once your account is created, continue with the instructions below.

Certified Transcript of Payroll Portal

  1. After your Illinois Public ID Account is created you can access the Certified Transcript of Payroll Portal
  2. After clicking the link above, select "Public Account" and login using the username/password you just created.
  3. Further instructions will be provided throughout the prevailing wage portal to assist you with the process.



Change Notifications:

  • 8/27/2020 - The project's county is now required to reduce validation issues.
  • 1/21/2021 - Submission History - Withdraw Requests
  • 2/04/2021 - Employee Roster Added
  • 6/01/2022 - Added Power Agency and added Agency options for importers.