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Clean Energy Report

Pursuant to Public Act 102-662, commonly referred to as the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act (CEJA), the Illinois Department of Labor is required to publish a report summarizing the racial and gender diversity of the workforce on all clean energy projects by county. The statute requires the report to compare the race, ethnicity, and gender of the workers on covered clean energy sector projects to the general population of the county in which the project is located. The report is also required to compare the race ethnicity, and gender of workers who reside in Illinois and those who reside outside of Illinois. Additionally, the report shall include the race, ethnicity, and gender of the workers by prevailing wage classification. This report is to be submitted to the Illinois Power Agency and posted to our website by April 15th of every year. This is our first report, as last year there was not enough data to produce a report.

Attached you will find four attachments:

  • A cover letter for the report, including the methodology used;
  • Second attachment titled “County Classification” shows whole numbers for workers by prevailing wage classification in each county for clean energy projects, including the worker’s race, gender, and ethnicity;
  • Third Attachment titled “County” is a break down of the percentages by race on projects in each county, with a break down of the US Census estimates of race in each county; Also contains a break down of non-Illinois resident workers on clean energy projects in each county;
  • Fourth Attachment titled “ILLvsNonIL” contains whole number totals of the workers on clean energy projects broken down by race, gender, ethnicity, and resident status.

Please note two things. First, as mentioned in the cover letter, statute required reporting on non-union/union status for employees – which is something we do not track and are unable to produce. Second, the cover letter references “tabs” which were associated with the excel document we were working with. We converted the excel document into .pdf documents. Attachments 2-4 are the “tabs” referenced in the cover letter.


Clean Energy Report Cover Letter

County Classification

County Census Comparison

Illinois vs Non-Illinois