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Prevailing Wage Survey Portal

Under the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act, in the month of June the Illinois Department of Labor investigates and ascertains the prevailing rate of wages for each county in the State.  The prevailing wage is defined as “hourly cash wages plus annualized fringe benefits … paid generally, in the locality in which the work is being performed, to employees engaged in work of a similar character on public works.”​  If you are submitting your collective bargaining agreement and rates to the department in the month of June, please click the button below.

Paid Leave for All Workers Act


The Department of Labor is in the process of preparing guidance and other resources and materials to educate employees and assist employers with compliance. 

Equal Pay Registration Certificate Portal

On April 12, 2022, the Equal Pay Registration Certificate portal opened for the first batch of employers to submit their EPRC applications. Instructions on application submissions and use of the portal, and other information and guidance on EPRC compliance are available here.

Public Works Quarterly Report

Pursuant to PA 103-347 and 820 ILCS 130/3.1, beginning in January 2024, the Illinois Department of Labor is required to report quarterly to the General Assembly and the Governor the number of people employed on public works in the State during the preceding 3 months. This report shall also identify every public works project in the State by project name and contractor name and the demographic characteristics of the workers on the project, including gender, race, and ethnicity, broken down by the following categories: (i) type of trade; (ii) whether the worker is a journey worker or apprentice; and (iii) total work hours performed.

The reports are available here. IDOL will add reports to this page on a quarterly basis, starting in January 2024. The reports reflect certified payroll data for the preceding three months.

Illinois Minimum Wage

Year Minimum Wage Tipped Youths (under 18) (working less than 650 hours per calendar year)









Unpaid Wages

Online Complaint Form - Minimum Wage, Overtime, Unpaid Wages Complaint Forms

The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) launched an online wage claim application to modernize the wage claim process. The online complaint process guides claimants through the steps to submit a complete and accurate claim. It also allows claimants to log-in and check the status of their wage claim at their convenience. In order to access the system, claimants will first need to create an Illinois Public ID account.

  1. Click here to create Illinois Public ID.
  2. Online Form

To report any difficulties submitting a wage claim online form, please contact IDOL at 312-793-2800 or via e-mail at


Scheduled Hearings/Audiencias Programadas
Please find all Wage Payment and Collection Act Hearings scheduled by the Illinois Department of Labor here. Encuentre audiencias programadas con el Departamento de Trabajo de Illinois sobre la Acta de Colección y Pago de Salario aquí.

Filing A Wage Claim
Can I file a Wage Claim?
How long do I have to file a claim? What documentation do I need?
Find out these answers and more in our FAQ.

I Filed A Wage Claim, What Do I Do Next?
How long does the process take? I have more information to provide the Department, what do I do? Is there a fax/email address?

How Does The Hearings Process Work?
Have a hearing coming up, but don't know what to bring? Will you require special assistance due to an impairment? How long will it take to receive a hearing judgment?

What does an employer have to do after receipt of a Notice of Wage Claim?

Conciliation and Mediation

Illinois Prevailing Wage Portal

Illinois Prevailing Wage Rates

Illinois Certified Transcript of Payroll

Section 9 Hearings
Where can I find the hearing notices/order for Prevailing Wage Section 9 hearings?

Annual ECA Report Submissions
Any contractor who has construction services performed for it by an individual, sole proprietorship or partnership that is not an employee of the contractor must file a report by April 30, 2022 with the Department of Labor.

SR 259 DBE Taskforce

General Questions

Illinois Minimum Wage
What is the current/historical minimum wage in Illinois? What is the minimum they can pay a non-tipped employee? How much do you have to pay a 16-year-old tipped employee?

Payment Methods
Is it a violation of the Wage Payment and Collection Act to offer an employee the choice of payment of wages through a payroll card or direct deposit without the option of a check? Can they pay me in cash? What about Direct Deposit?

Which complaints can I file with the Department of Labor? ¿Qué tipo de reclamos atiende el Departamento de Trabajo? Jakie skargi można złożyć w Departamencie Pracy?