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Illinois OSHA

By March 2, 2024, IL OSHA requires certain state and local government employers to
electronically report work-related injury and illness data to the federal ITA system.


For questions about your ITA account or the submission process, please see these FAQs.
IL OSHA does not have control over this U.S. Department of Labor system.


Contact IL OSHA at for questions or clarification on
general recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

It is the mission of the Illinois Department of Labor, Division of Occupational Safety and Health (IL OSHA) to ensure safe and healthy working conditions by setting and enforcing standards and providing training, outreach, education, and assistance to employers and employees throughout Illinois.


Occupational safety and health standards enforcement for employers in Illinois is a shared responsibility between the U.S. Department of Labor (federal OSHA) and the Illinois Department of Labor (IL OSHA).

Federal OSHA, an Administration under the U.S. Department of Labor, covers all private sector workplaces; federal agencies; maritime employers; military facilities; Native American sovereignty workplaces; and the United States Postal Service.

IL OSHA, a Division of the Illinois Department of Labor, covers all state and local government workplaces. Illinois operates as a state-plan state and IL OSHA must adopt standards that are at least as effective as federal OSHA standards.

Report a Fatality, Inpatient Hospitalization, Amputation, or Loss of an Eye

Submit a Complaint About Unsafe Working Conditions

State and local government employees can report unsafe working conditions by completing a form or submitting a complaint online.

Submit an IL OSHA Whistleblower Complaint form for Exercising Your Workplace Safety Rights

State and local government employees can report retaliation by completing the form below.

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Statement of Federal Financial Support

The 23(g) State Plan is funded by a federal grant which constitutes fifty percent of the overall budget. Fifty percent is financed by State funds.