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Illinois OSHA Safety and Health Complaint Form

Note: Illinois OSHA only has jurisdiction over public sector employers . Examples of public sector employers include: municipal employers (example: public works departments), city employers (example: police and fire departments) , county employers (example: Cook County Health and Hospital Systems), State of Illinois offices and agencies (example: Illinois Department of Transportation, State Board of Education, Illinois Tollway Authority, Illinois Department of Public Health). If your complaint is about a private sector employer (example: gas stations, manufacturer, retail business establishment, restaurant, etc) then you must contact Federal OSHA, who has jurisdiction over all private sector businesses and establishments. They can be reached by calling 1-800-321-OSHA (6742) or by visiting:

 Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards Form


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To report a fatality, hospitalization incident, amputation or loss of an eye please contact our toll free number immediately:


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