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Application Instructions for the Nurse Agency License

Nurse Agency Licensing Act, 225 ILCS 510/04 & Public Act 102-0946

“No person may establish, operate, maintain, or advertise as a nurse agency in the State of Illinois unless the person is licensed under the Act by the Department of Labor.”​

Current registered Agencies have been mailed guidance while rule-making is in progress. If you are looking to register a new agency, reach out to the Department at or call 312-793-1804 with any questions. To obtain guidance on updated amendments to the Nurse Agency Licensing Act, click here

  • Complete the enclosed application with the necessary signature notarized. Incomplete applications will be returned and will delay licensing. Separate applications must be submitted for each licensed agency and any additional location owned and managed by the same person or persons.
  • The fee must be paid online. Please click here for online payment information. Company and personal checks are not acceptable and will be returned.
  • If you are Incorporated, a Limited Liability Company or a Limited Liability Partnership you must submit the following documents that apply:
    • If you are INCORPORATED, you must submit:
      • Certificate of Incorporation
      • By-laws, which include the corporate name
      • Application for Admission to Transact Business, if you are a foreign Corporation
      • ​Assumed Name Certificate, if applicable
    • If you are a CORPORATION or  LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC), you must submit:
      • LLC Articles of Incorporation or Organization
      • Internal Operating Agreement
      • Application for Admission to Transact Business, if you are a foreign LLC
      • ​Assumed Name Certificate, if applicable
      • Names and addresses of its officers, directors and shareholders who own more than 5% of corporation stock or membership units.
    • If you are a LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP (LLP), you must submit:
      • ​LLP Articles of Organization
      • Internal Partnership Agreement​
      • ​Application ​for Admission to Transact Business, if you are a foreign LLP
    • Resume of Prospective Owners with over 5% Corporation Stock or Membership Stock: A statement detailing the experience and qualifications of the prospective licensee (owner(s) to operate a nurse agency. Names addresses of officers, directors and shareholders who own more than 5% stock or membership units.
    • Employment Application: A copy of the Employment Application required to be completed by all nurse (RN, LPN & CNAs) applicants.
    • Proof of General and Professional Liability Insurance (original certificate only): Proof of General and Professional Liability Insurance in the amount of $3,000,000 aggregate and $1,000,000 per incident. The policy must cover all your nurse employees, referrals or assignments. When the policy on file with the IL Department of Labor expires, it is the responsibility of the licensee to forward the current proof of insurance to our office. Only an original certificate of insurance will be accepted.
    • Proof of worker's compensation policies for all nurses and CNAs.
    • Inventory Skills and Clinical Competence Checklist: A copy of the required inventory skills checklist and clinical area of competence for all nurse applicants (RN, LPN & CNAs).
    • Agency Policies and Procedures: A copy of the Nurse Agency Policies and Procedures concerning personal interviews, reference checks, annual evaluations and health exams, CPR certification and orientation (Sect. 690.70, 690.80, 690.90, 690.100 & 690.110).
    • Supervising Registered Nurse License and Verification Print-Out: A current copy of both:
      • Supervising Registered Nurse License and
      • the verification print-out from the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation (IDFPR) website which is located at ( 


TITLE 68: Professions​ and Occupations, Chapter III

The following information is for your convenience. It is an abbreviated version of the Act and not meant to fully outline all requirements of the law or the rules and regulations or to be a substitute for the Act itself.

  • The agency must employ a registered nurse (RN) as Supervising Nurse and report changes of position within thirty (30) business days.
  • Certain information must be maintained at each location from which the agency operates and be available to the Department of Labor for inspection during regular business hours.
  • Report, in writing, within thirty (30) days, any changes in stockholders who own more than 5% of stock.
  • Ownership transfers require anticipated transferee to apply for license at least forty-five (45) days before the proposed date of transaction.
  • The Act requires continuing verification of all registered nurse (RN) and licensed practical nurse (LPN) licenses. After July 1 (every even numbered year) the agency must verify the license of a registered nurse (RN). After April 1 (every odd numbered year) the agency must verify the license of a licensed practical nurse (LPN). Verification must be in writing and may be obtained from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR) website ( The same is required of a certified nursing assistant (CNA) verification from IDPR and may also be printed from their website at
  • A Nurse Agency must check the monthly disciplinary report issued by and available from the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation (IDPR).
  • Each, RN, LPN or CNA who is referred or assigned to a health care facility must have a personnel file, which contains the following information and each document must have been dated within the past twelve (12) months.
    • Health examination,
    • CPR certification (must be an annual certification, both the issue date and expiration date must be shown on any copies of a CPR card),
    • Mantoux tuberculosis test, and
    • ​Evaluation of nurse (to be maintained in their personnel file for at least 2 years).
  • Nurses or certified nurses aides employed, assigned or referred to a health care facility by a nurse agency shall be deemed to be employees of the agency while working for the nurse agency or nurse agency employment, assignment or referral.
  • Failure to comply with license requirements can result in $1,000 fine per day per violation.​​