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The Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) may consider certifying a complainant's I-918 Supplement B, U Nonimmigrant Status Certification form ("I-918 form") otherwise known as a U-Visa certification.

It is the complainant's responsibility to obtain an updated I-918 form from the federal government, which can be accessed on the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services website. Please note the website is not maintained by IDOL. The form may be filled out by the complainant's or the complainant's representatives and provided to the Director of the Fair Labor Standards Division for consideration.

Complainants who wish to request for a certification from IDOL should be aware of the following:

  • IDOL will not inquire into the immigration status of  the complainant and will not provide complainant advice about obtaining a U-Visa, discuss the probability of possibility or obtaining an approval of the certification.
  • The U-Visa request must be related to IDOL's jurisdiction to investigate the laws it enforces such as Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act and Minimum Wage Act.
  • IDOL will evaluate if the Complainant is either helpful or likely to be helpful in the detection, investigation, or prosecution of the same criminal activity.
  • IDOL will attempt to verify the factual allegations asserted by Complainant in the complaint that would make the Complainant a victim of one of the offenses listed in the U-Visa statute. A list of those offenses are on Page 3 of this resource guide: U-Visa Law Enforcement Resource Guide
  • Certification from IDOL does not guarantee federal approval of a U-Visa. The federal government determinates eligibility for U-Visas and makes determinations regarding nonimmigrant status.
  • IDOL is not required to certify any U-Visa request but will provide reasons for any denial of a U-Visa certification request. If the Complainant is able to remedy the basis for the rejection of the request for a U-Visa certification, the Complainant or his/her representative may resubmit the request for a U-Visa certification or appeal the decision.
  • A cover letter is encouraged to be provided along with the U-Visa certification form but is not required.


  • Fair Labor Standards Chicago Office
    Michael A. Bilandic Building
    160 North LaSalle Street, Suite C-1300
    Chicago, IL 60601
  • Phone: (312) 793-2804
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