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PRRA Complaint Instructions

Please answer all questions completely and include all pertinent information.

  • You must submit the application and all supporting documents. One copy of the application and the supporting documents will be sent to your (former) employer.
  • Upon receipt of a completed application, the Department will process the complaint (which takes approximately 90 days). Self-explanatory letters will be sent to you and your (former) employer.
  • Please do not call for the status of your case before 90 days. No information will be available prior to that date and inquiries may result in a delay in processing.
  • Please notify the Department, in writing, of any changes in your address or telephone number. All correspondence must include your file number.
  • Complaints may be filed by a current employee or a former employee that has been separated from the company for no more than twelve (12) months.

For assistance on the Personnel Records Review Act please contact our Chicago office at:

Your application and all inquires regarding your case should be directed to our Chicago office at the following address:

Illinois Department of Labor - Legal Division
160 N. LaSalle Street, Ste. C-1300
Chicago, Illinois 60601