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Day & Temporary Labor Service Agency Registration

In order to register a Day and Temporary Labor Service Agency, the following is required by law (820 ILCS 175/1 et seq.).

Failure to register with the Illinois Department of Labor may result in a $500 penalty for each day operating as a day and temporary labor service agency without first registering with the Department.

  1. APPLICATION: Please ensure your application is properly completed and signed before you mail it. An incomplete application will be returned and will delay licensing and may result in penalties being assessed.
  2. CONTENT OF APPLICATION TO REGISTER REGULATION : You must provide an original Surety Bond (form enclosed) and a copy of the form to be used for the employment notice (as required by Section 10 of the Act and Section 260.400 of the Regulations). Please review 56 lAC 260.310 for a complete list of "Content of Application to Register".
  3. UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE: Provide proof of an employer account number issued by the Department of Employment Security for payment of unemployment insurance contributions.
  4. LIABILITY INSURANCE: Provide a certificate of insurance indicating liability insurance as required under the Motor Vehicle Code for any transportation provided by your agency or a contractor of yours. Please note that a fee may not be charged to transport day or temporary laborers.
  5. WORKERS' COMPENSATION INSURANCE: Provide the following information: name of insurance carrier, policy number and the dates of coverage or if you are a self-insured company, a copy of the certificate of approval issued by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission.
  6. Certificate Of Incorporation/Partnership Agreement/Limited Liability Company:
    • If you are INCORPORATED, you must submit:
      1. Certificate and Articles of Incorporation
      2. By-Laws, which include the corporate name
      3. Certificate of Authority to transact business in Illinois, if your are a foreign corporation
      4. Assumed Name Certificate, if applicable
    • If you are a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (LLC), you must submit:
      1. Operating Agreement
      2. Articles of Organization
      3. Assumed Name Certificate
      4. Certificate of Authority to transact business in Illinois
    • If you are a LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERSHIP (LLP), you must submit:
      1. Partnership Agreement
      2. Certificate of Authority to transact business in Illinois
  7. FEES: Registration fees may be paid in the form of a check (with sufficient funds), certified check, cashier's check or money order, made payable to the Illinois Department of Labor. Your registration fees are based on the number of branch offices or locations your agency operates. There is a $1,000 fee to register an agency and a $250 fee for each branch office or location listed on pages 5-6 and any additional sheets.

Questions regarding completion of the Day and Temporary Labor Services Agency Application should be directed to the Fair Labor Standards Division, (312) 793-1804 or (877) 314-7052 (toll free) or

Effective December 5, 2016, the new online application: should be used to apply for a new or renewal license. This new online application includes ePayment feature to pay the license fees. It also allows you to attach all supporting documentation as attachments (pdf format is preferred). If you have more than one document to attach, you could zip the files into a single document and attach as one document.

Any original documents such as Surety Bond should be mailed to:

Illinois Department of Labor
Fair Labor Standards Division, Attn: Day and Temporary Labor Section
160 North LaSalle Street, Suite C-1300
Chicago, Illinois 60601​​​​​​