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A worldwide technology outage is causing disruption to some State of Illinois online systems.  We are aware of this issue and are diligently working on restoration.

Wage Payment Hearing Dates

Formal Hearings

The formal hearings for Wage Payment Claims that have been scheduled are set forth on this page. Please find your case number. If your case is not listed, then the case has not been scheduled. If you have not received a Notice of Hearing and the Case has been scheduled, you must contact the Department immediately. If a party has changed address or telephone number since the filing of the claim or the response to the claim, the party must immediately notify the Department as well as the other party.


If your hearing is scheduled, it will not be rescheduled or postponed except for good cause shown. A request to postpone or reschedule will only be considered if made 10 days in advance of the scheduled date and a copy of any request must be sent to all parties. Conflicts for attorneys which arise after a hearing date is scheduled will not be considered good cause. If a party retains an attorney after a hearing has been scheduled, the Department will not find good cause for rescheduling the hearing because the attorney has not had the opportunity to review the case prior to the hearing or because the attorney had at the time retained existing conflicts on the scheduled hearing date. See Rule 300.1060.

*Rescheduled hearings may not be posted.  You will receive a notification by mail.​


If a party intends to introduce documents into evidence at the hearing, copies must be sent to the other party no less than five (5) days before the scheduled hearing date. See Rule 300.1070. The party must bring copies of all the documents the party intends to introduce for the Judge as well as any other party, unless copies have been provided to all parties and the Judge efore the hearing.


Where a subpoena is issued by a party the other party should bring the documents to the hearing. A party must bring to the hearing copies of the documents for the other parties as well as the Judge. Where a telephone hearing has been scheduled, a party is responsible to provide the documents to the other party and the Judge no less than five days before the hearing date.

Attorney Appearances

All attorneys who represent a party must file an appearance with the Department as well as notify the Department whether the attorney will accept service of all documents on their client’s behalf.


If a case is settled or resolved by the parties prior to the hearing date, the Department must be notified.

Notification to the Department

All notifications to the Department after a hearing is scheduled should be through If a party does not have access to a computer or the internet, then after a hearing has been scheduled the Department should be contacted in writing regarding hearing matters at:
    Hearing Division
    Illinois Department of Labor
    160 N. LaSalle Street, Suite C-1300
    Chicago, Illinois 60601

If the matter is settled the parties should notify the Department in writing.​​