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Personnel Records Review Act FAQ

1. How do I o​btain my personnel records from my employer?

An employee may seek review of his/her personnel records up to one year after leaving employment. Although certain documentation is exempt, an employee must be provided an opportunity to inspect his/her personnel records. For further information,click here. 820 ILCS 40/2.

2. My em​ployer will not let me review my personnel records, what can I do?

An employee may request his/her personnel records from their employer two times per year. A former employee may request this information for a period of up to one year after separation. If the employer refuses, the employee may file a complaint with IDOL. For further information,click here. 820 ILCS 40/12.


3. My e​mployer has allowed me to review my personnel file, but will not let me have a copy, what can I do?

The Act allows an employee to obtain a copy of the information or part of the information contained in your record, however, the employer is allowed to charge a fee for providing a copy. The fee is limited to the actual cost of duplicating the information. For more information,click here. 820 ILCS 40/3.​​​