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Non-Destructive Test Requirements

We are providing this list of Non-Destructive Test requirements for the State of Illinois to assist you. When you are submitting reports to our office, each ride must be on a separate form/page AND the Non-Destructive Test report must have ALL of the following information or they will be rejected.

  1. The name of the amusement ride or attraction.
  2. The name of the amusement company that the technician is performing the Non-Destructive Test for (please ensure the name of the company indicated is the same company name indicated on the application for permit to operate).
  3. The manufacturer’s name for the amusement ride or attraction.
  4. The ride or attraction’s serial number (technician’s signature verifies serial number indicated on the form is the actual serial number of the ride being tested).
  5. The date the Non-Destructive Test was performed.
  6. A statement to identify each part of the ride in which the manufacturer or the Illinois Carnival and Amusement Ride Safety Board requires testing and that the test was performed in compliance with those requirements.
  7. The manufacturer’s bulletin number(s) which applies to the ride or attraction.
  8. A statement indicating the results of the test(s) performed.
  9. The name, address, telephone number of the testing firm.
  10. A legible name (printed) and signature of the person who performed the Non-Destructive Test (NDT), and their level of certification by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT). For more information on Non-Destructive Testing, please refer to Section 280 of 56 Ill. Adm. Code 6000. The NDT technician is required to be a Level II or Level III.
  11. Contact information of firm or person performing the test. To view a list of rides which require Non-Destructive Testing click here.

If a manufacturer has required an overhaul or mandatory replacement of any part of an amusement ride or attraction, the documentation is to be submitted with your application as proof that the requirement was completed. An invoice will suffice for documentation of replacement parts.