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Permit To Operate Amusement Ride

Getting Started

To help make this process faster, please gather the following information before beginning.​

  1. List of rides intended to be registered for the calendar year
  2. Certificate of Liability Insurance
  3. List of show dates for the season


  • Do not use a handheld device such as an iPhone, iPad, tablet or similar device to fill out this application. It will not work.
  • Before filling out information in the pdf document you must save this document to your local hard drive and re-open before continuing.
  • If you are experiencing problems accessing the employment certificate please try using Internet Explorer or if you use Chrome, right click on the link, download the certificate and select “Save link As”, it will save the pdf to your computer, then open it up with Adobe Reader..
  • Once you have saved the document to a local hard drive, re-opened and filled out all of the application data return to page 1 of the application. Click verify sum.
  • Digitally sign the application. This will prompt you to attach the document to an email to submit​ to IDOL. The email address to send completed documents is​


Pay your permit fees online via the State of Illinois EPAY service by clicking on the "Pay Fees On-Line" below or inside the Application and Registration Form above.