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Amusement Ride Safety Tips for Kids

Rides are super exciting, but you should know about ways to stay safe​​ while having fun!

Here are some ​helpful tips from the Illinois Department of Labor:

  • Watch the ride - before you ride!

  • Read all safety signs that show "age, height and weight requirements" - these are important!

  • Dress safely - wear closed-toed shoes, tie up long hair and put away loose clothes, jewelry and cellphones!

  • Always use belts, lap bars, shoulder harnesses and other safety equipment and make sure it's properly latched. Listen to the ride assistant's instructions. Tell a grown-up if a ride assistant is talking or behaving in a bad way. Never wriggle out of belts, lap bars or other safety gear!

  • Keep your head, hands, arms, legs and feet inside the ride at all times - don't reach for fences or barriers!

  • Never stand up or goof around with others while on a ride - you or your friends can get hurt!

  • Stay in your seat until you are told to exit. If the ride stops suddenly, don't stand up or try to get off the ride!

  • Have fun!

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